Recently, four ambitious young people from Kuldīga, Latvia, visited Schwerin to do an internship as furniture designers and cooks in various companies in Schwerin. Kintija, Megija, Aleksis and Mārcis were able to exercise their minds and gain new experiences in German working life.
They discovered much more than just the internship itself by visiting Schwerin and other German cities and learning more about German culture and society. The experiences will surely be a memory that the youngsters will never forget in life. They had also spent time there together, made new friends and formed a new kind of network.
The internship of the 4 young people from Kuldīga in Latvia is a success of the EU-funded programs, ErasmusPlus and International Cooperation. The ErasmusPlus programs promote exchanges between young people from different countries and support them in developing their European skills. This allows the young people to experience other cultures and build better communication and a deeper understanding among themselves. These and many other ErasmusPlus programs bring young people together and promote European cooperation.
We at Erasmus Partner wish Kintija, Megija, Aleksis and Mārcis all the best for their future, both privately and professionally. As they battled challenges and hardships and persevered, chances are they will embark on successful careers as new generations of business leaders.