The city of Schwerin became the destination of an international trip in January. 7 trainees from Daugavpils, Latvia visited the city to do internships in different companies. The participants are all studying automotive mechatronics and were accompanied by a teacher from the vocational school.
This time proved to be very instructive for the young people. They had the opportunity to get to know new cultures and insights into the professional world. They also met many new people and were able to make new friends. The Erasmus+ funding measure was a valuable experience for the young people. They were given the opportunity to orientate themselves in another culture and to make new experiences. The participants were able to expand their knowledge and skills and thus position themselves better on the job market.
The trainees had a wonderful and instructive time in Schwerin. Thanks to the Erasmus+ funding measure, they were able to gain a valuable experience that will accompany them throughout their lives.