ErasmusPlus is a European Union program that offers young people from different European countries the opportunity to gain new experiences and strengthen their intercultural skills. As part of this program, eight young people from the vocational school in Daugavpils, Latvia visited the beautiful city of Schwerin to complete an internship in various industries. They were supported by their teachers Maija and Jelena.
This was an exciting and challenging experience for the young participants, as they had the chance to gain an insight into German working life. They completed internships as pastry chefs, electricians and in the logistics sector at various companies: “Restaurant Lukas”, “Locema”, “Thomas Elektro”, “Merker Elektro” and “Leukhardt Schaltanlagen” in and around Schwerin.
In addition to the technical aspect, the young people also had the opportunity to get to know the city of Schwerin and other cities in Northern Germany. They immersed themselves in German culture and society and made new friends. This experience will give you valuable insights and memories not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life.
Anastasija, Karīna, Kristiāna, Artjoms, Ņikita, Ņikita, Maksis and Oļegs learned a lot and gained valuable experience during their internship. We wish them all the best for their private and professional future and hope that they can use their newfound knowledge and impressions in their home country of Latvia.
The ErasmusPlus program offers young people the chance to think outside the box and gain valuable experience. We hope that many more young people will have the opportunity to benefit from this program and discover new horizons in the future.