The ErasmusPlus program offers young people from all over the world the opportunity to gain international experience and get to know new cultures. This was also the case for Kristaps and Ralfs, two young people from the vocational school in Smiltene, Latvia, who came to Schwerin, Germany, for an internship as automotive mechatronics engineers.
The internship at Car Service Sorg in Schwerin is an exciting challenge for both of them. You will immerse yourself in German working life and gain valuable experience. But Kristaps and Ralfs have the opportunity to immerse themselves in German life and culture not only professionally, but also privately.
During their stay, the two also had the opportunity to visit not only Schwerin, but also other cities in northern Germany. This means they not only get to know the region better, but also German culture and society. In addition to working in the company, they also make new friends and expand their personal network.
The Car Service Sorg team is enthusiastic about the motivation and commitment of the two young people. They are very satisfied with their performance and are pleased that they were able to offer them the opportunity to get to know Germany in this way.
For Kristaps and Ralfs, the adventure in Germany is now coming to an end and they are returning to Latvia. But they take home unforgettable experiences, valuable knowledge and new friendships. We wish them both all the best for their private and professional future and hope that they will continue to benefit from their experiences in Schwerin.
The ErasmusPlus program shows once again how important and enriching intercultural encounters and experiences are for young people. It offers the opportunity not only to expand professional skills, but also to grow personally and network internationally. We look forward to further successful projects and encounters as part of ErasmusPlus.