Rūta from Cīrava, Latvia has always had a desire to improve her knowledge in the kitchen and learn new ways of working. For this reason, she decided to take part in an ErasmusPlus mobility project and complete an internship in Germany. In this blog article I would like to tell you about Rūta’s experiences and how she benefited from her internship at Restaurant Lukas in Schwerin.
Rūta did her internship as part of her training as a chef at the vocational school in Cīrava, Latvia. For 4 weeks she had the opportunity to improve her skills and learn new techniques. The internship was a big challenge for her as she had to find her way in a new environment and culture. However, she was also very excited about the experiences she would have.
Rūta received a very warm welcome at Restaurant Lukas in Schwerin and was quickly accepted by the entire team. She was immediately integrated into the workflow and was able to actively work in the kitchen. Not only was she able to apply her knowledge from her training, but she was also able to learn new skills from the experienced chefs in the team. Rūta was particularly impressed by the precision and efficiency with which German cuisine works.
In addition to the professional aspect, Rūta also learned a lot about the work culture and life in Germany. The punctuality, accuracy and teamwork were new experiences for her that really impressed her. Not only did this help her find her way around the work environment better, but she was also able to make new friends and gain insight into German culture.
The ErasmusPlus mobility project has not only helped Rūta professionally but also personally. She was able to take on responsibility, become more independent and find her way in a foreign environment. This experience will certainly stay with her throughout her life and will also be useful in her professional career.
Finally, we wish Rūta all the best for her private and professional future. We are proud of her achievements and hope that she will carry this valuable experience with her forever. Thank you for sharing your ErasmusPlus adventure with us, Rūta!
With this in mind, I would like to appeal to all young people to apply for an ErasmusPlus program and to take advantage of the opportunity to gain new experiences, develop personally and make international friends. Because as Rūta has proven, an ErasmusPlus internship can be the first step towards a successful future.