Gaining experience, developing personally and professionally and getting to know new cultures and languages – the ErasmusPlus program makes all of this possible. This EU-wide mobility project enables students, trainees and young professionals to complete part of their training or studies abroad. One of these participants is Nikola from Smiltene, Latvia, who completed an internship in Germany this summer as part of the ErasmusPlus program.
Nikola successfully completed her training as a hotel manager at the vocational school in Smiltene. In order to deepen her skills and take on new challenges, she decided to do an internship abroad. Through the ErasmusPlus program she got the chance to work in a hotel in Germany.
She chose the Hotel Schwerin Sieben Seen Center in Schwerin, where she worked as an intern for three months. During this time, Nikola was not only able to improve her language skills, but also gain a deeper insight into the working methods and processes in a German hotel. She learned how important service orientation and efficient work are and was able to benefit from the experiences of her German colleagues.
Nikola reports enthusiastically about her time in Schwerin and the Hotel Schwerin Sieben Seen Center. She is grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the ErasmusPlus program and to have had the opportunity to expand her personal and professional skills. She emphasizes that she not only gained practical experience, but also strengthened her intercultural competence and became more open to new cultures and mentalities.
The ErasmusPlus program offers a unique opportunity not only to participants, but also to companies that accept interns from abroad. This gives you insights into other ways of working and cultures and allows you to benefit from the individual skills and experiences of the interns.
We wish Nikola all the best for her private and professional future and hope that she will carry the valuable experiences she gained during her internship in Germany with her for the rest of her life. Her story shows how important the ErasmusPlus program is for the personal and professional development of young people. We encourage everyone who has the opportunity to participate in this program to do so and see the world through new eyes. Because with ErasmusPlus we can not only expand our own horizons, but also contribute to strengthening a united and diverse society.