ErasmusPlus – an opportunity for young people from different countries to gain valuable experience, get to know new cultures and develop personally. In this blog text we would like to report on a group of five young people from Smiltene, Latvia, who came to Schwerin as part of the ErasmusPlus program.

The five young people, all between the ages of 18 and 22, decided to do an internship in Germany. You took the opportunity to complete an internship as a vehicle mechatronics engineer, hotel manager and in civil engineering at various Schwerin companies. Three participants have just completed their training, while the other two are still studying at a vocational school in Smiltene.

Participation in the ErasmusPlus program is a big challenge for young people. You have to adapt to a new culture, a different language and a new work environment. But for them, the opportunity to get a taste of German working life and gain valuable knowledge and skills outweighs them.

During their stay in Schwerin, however, the young people not only have the opportunity to work in their respective areas. You can also visit the city and other cities in Northern Germany and learn more about the region, German culture and society. This experience also gives them the opportunity to make new friends and strengthen their intercultural skills.

The ErasmusPlus program not only offers participants the chance to learn professional skills, but also to grow personally and network as young Europeans. The young people from Smiltene not only deepen their specialist knowledge, but also strengthen their independence and gain valuable experience for their future careers.

For the companies in Schwerin, working with ErasmusPlus participants is also an enriching experience. The young people not only bring new ideas and perspectives, but their motivation and commitment are also impressive.

Overall, the example of the young people from Smiltene shows that the ErasmusPlus program plays an important role in the personal and professional development of young people. It offers the opportunity to discover new horizons, strengthen intercultural skills and gain valuable experience. We wish the participants from Smiltene continued success and hope that many more young people will benefit from this great program.