The ErasmusPlus program is considered a springboard for young people who want to do an internship abroad. Aleksejs and Indars from Latvia were also lucky enough to spend 11 weeks in Schwerin and do their internship there. The two aspiring automotive technicians were part of a group of six students who lived together in an apartment in the center of Schwerin.
For many young people, traveling alone to a foreign country is an exciting and exciting experience. But Aleksejs and Indars were lucky not to be completely alone. Her supervisor Daiga accompanied her to Schwerin and supported her during the first week of her stay. The other four colleagues from her vocational school in Kuldīga were also at her side at the beginning before they returned to their homeland after 4 weeks.
Aleksejs and Indars, on the other hand, were allowed to stay in Schwerin for 2 ½ months and complete their internship at “Trilk Reifen & Service”. The two were warmly welcomed into the team and were able to gain valuable experience. Not only in the professional area, but also in the interpersonal area. By working at “Trilk Reifen & Service” Aleksejs and Indars not only learned technical skills, but also how to deal with German colleagues and customers. An experience that will certainly enrich your future professional life.
In addition to work, there were also plenty of leisure opportunities in Schwerin. Thanks to the central location of their apartment, the two were able to easily explore the city and get to know German life. In their free time, they visited, among other things, Schwerin Castle, the Schwerin Christmas market, explored Lake Schwerin and tried German specialties.
The time in Schwerin flew by and anyway it was difficult to say goodbye to the new friends and the city. But Aleksejs and Indars look back positively on their 11 weeks in Schwerin and are grateful for the many experiences they had. They are sure that this time has brought them a lot for their professional and personal development.
We and our colleagues at “Trilk Reifen & Service” wish Aleksejs and Indars all the best for their future and hope that they can also apply their new skills and experiences in their home country. And who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again in Schwerin at some point.