Anastasija from the vocational school in Rēzekne has just completed a very interesting and instructive internship in Schwerin. She learns the subject of “Food Processing Technology” and completed her internship as a confectioner in the Mecklenburg Backstube. The internship took place as part of an ErasmusPlus mobility project.
In the bakery she was able to expand her knowledge and skills in baking and processing food. This included, among other things, the correct preparation and processing of various doughs as well as the decoration and production of several types of cakes and pastries. Anastasija also learned how to prepare food according to food safety guidelines and how to behave in a professional kitchen.
During her internship, Anastasija had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Schwerin. She experienced the many sights of the city and had a lot of fun exploring the various cultural offerings.
Anastasija was very happy about the experiences she had in Schwerin and she learned a lot. Not only was she able to improve her food handling skills, she was also able to meet lots of new people and explore the culture and history of the city of Schwerin. Anastasija is grateful for the internship in Schwerin and would recommend it to anyone interested in food processing technology.