The internship abroad and the cultural exchange are important components of the ErasmusPlus program, which offers young people from Europe the opportunity to gain international experience. Toms from Smiltene, Latvia did exactly that and was part of a successful mobility project that gave him valuable insights into the working world and culture of Germany.
ErasmusPlus is a European Union exchange program that has existed for over 30 years and ensures that young people can complete their training or further education abroad. The aim is to promote mobility and cultural exchange within Europe and thus create tolerance and understanding for other cultures. This program also promotes the participants’ professional skills and personal development.
Toms, who is training as a vehicle mechatronics technician at the vocational school in Smiltene, had the chance to do an internship at the company “Autoservice Wilhelm & Grigo GmbH Auto Repair” in Schwerin as part of an ErasmusPlus project. During his month-long stay, he not only gained valuable practical experience in his job, but also gained insights into the work culture and daily processes in Germany.
Toms was particularly impressed by the high quality of training and the modern technologies used in the German company. He was able to develop his skills and learned a lot about the requirements and standards of his future profession. But outside of work, Toms was also able to experience a lot about German culture and way of life.
During his internship, Toms had the opportunity to make new friends and improve his German skills. He was warmly welcomed into the company and was even able to stay in touch with his new colleagues online. Toms also learned a lot about German culture and traditions outside of working hours.
The ErasmusPlus program gave Toms an unforgettable experience that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Not only did he expand his specialist knowledge and gain self-confidence, but he also developed his intercultural skills. He left his homeland and found his way in a new environment, which will also be useful to him in future professional and personal challenges. We wish Toms all the best for his private and professional future and thank the ErasmusPlus program for this enriching experience.
The ErasmusPlus program offers young people like Toms the opportunity to gain international experience and promote their personal development. Through the internship at the car repair company “Autoservice Wilhelm & Grigo GmbH” in Germany, Toms was not only able to grow professionally, but also discover a new culture and make new friends. We hope that many more young people can benefit from this program and expand their horizons too.