ErasmusPlus is one of the most successful exchange programs in Europe. Young people have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through internships, study visits or voluntary service in another country. Renars from Smiltene, Latvia, also took advantage of this opportunity and completed an internship in Germany. He not only acquired professional skills in his professional field, but also gained insights into the German work culture and the culture of the host country.
Renars, who is training as an automotive mechatronics technician at the vocational school in Smiltene, completed his internship at the renowned company “Autoservice Wilhelm & Grigo GmbH Auto Repair” in Schwerin. During this time he was able to practically apply the knowledge he had learned and learn from experienced colleagues. None of this would have been possible without the support of ErasmusPlus. The EU program offers financial help for travel, accommodation and material resources to enable young people like Renars to have intercultural experiences and to promote their professional skills.
But Renars didn’t just benefit from his internship in a professional sense. He also had many valuable personal experiences. By working in an international team, he developed his language skills and learned to find his way around a foreign country. He also had the opportunity to make friends with his colleagues and other interns from different countries. These experiences not only broadened his horizons, but also strengthened his self-confidence.
The work culture in Germany was particularly impressive for Renars. He was very impressed by the punctual working hours, the high quality of the work and the efficient organization. He was also impressed by the tone and behavior of his colleagues among themselves. He learned that respect and politeness play a big role in the working world in Germany.
In addition to work, Renars also had the opportunity to get to know German culture better. He went on excursions, was able to experience German traditions and customs up close and got to know and understand the country and its people better. These cultural experiences made his internship an unforgettable time and showed him how important it is to be open to other cultures.
We wish Renars all the best for his future, personally and professionally. His experience as part of ErasmusPlus will certainly accompany and shape him throughout his life. We are proud that the program gives young people like Renars the opportunity to develop personally and professionally and to acquire intercultural skills. Because this is an important step towards an open and tolerant society in Europe.