Sabīne from Cīrava, Latvia had the chance to complete an internship in Germany through the ErasmusPlus program. Shortly before graduating from the vocational school in Cīrava, where she is training to be a chef, she was offered the opportunity to gain valuable experience in her professional field as part of a mobility project. She chose the Lukas restaurant in Schwerin and set off for a new country, a new culture and a new working world.
During her internship at Restaurant Lukas, Sabīne was not only able to improve and deepen her skills as a chef, but she also learned a lot about the working culture in Germany. Dealing with colleagues and superiors, organizing work processes and focusing on efficiency and quality were particularly interesting and instructive for her. The feedback she received from her German colleagues strengthened her self-confidence and encouraged her in her professional career.
But Sabīne was not only able to benefit from her internship professionally. She had the opportunity to make new friends and gain deep insights into German culture. She got to know the traditions and customs, learned to cook German dishes and was even able to visit the Schwerin Christmas market. Through the exchange with her hosts and colleagues, her horizons expanded and she saw the world with different eyes.
We wish Sabīne all the best for her private and professional future and are proud that she was able to have such a valuable experience through the ErasmusPlus program. We are sure that she will carry the knowledge and skills she has gained with her throughout her life and incorporate them into her future. Sabīne’s story is an example of how valuable and enriching an exchange within the ErasmusPlus program can be and encourages us to continue to support and promote this program. We are proud of Sabīne’s achievement and wish all future participants similar positive experiences.