The ErasmusPlus program has been providing opportunities for students and professionals across Europe to study, train, and gain valuable cross-cultural experiences since its inception in 1987. Markuss, a young student from Cīrava, Latvia, had the chance to participate in this program and broaden his horizons through a mobility project in Germany.
Markuss is currently pursuing his passion for automotive mechanics by studying at the vocational school in Cīrava. As part of his training, he was selected to do an internship at Sorg Car Service in Schwerin, Germany, as part of the ErasmusPlus program. This was a great opportunity for him to gain real-world experience and learn from a different perspective.
During his time at Sorg Car Service, Markuss not only honed his skills as a KFZ-mechanic, but he also got to experience the German work culture and professional environment first-hand. He was exposed to new techniques, equipment, and approaches in his field, which enhanced his knowledge and skills. This cross-cultural exchange also allowed him to develop a broader perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the global automotive industry.
However, the experience was not limited to professional development. Markuss also had the chance to immerse himself in German culture and make new friends. By living and working in a new country, he gained a deeper appreciation for the diversity and similarities between the Latvian and German cultures. It was truly a life-changing experience for him to step out of his comfort zone and embrace a new culture.
As his internship came to an end, Markuss returned to Latvia with not just a certificate of completion but also a sense of fulfillment and enriched personal growth. He has gained valuable experience and skills that will benefit him in his future career. The connections he made with the people he met during his time in Germany will also stay with him for a lifetime.
The ErasmusPlus program continues to provide opportunities for students and professionals like Markuss to expand their knowledge, skills, and personal growth through cross-cultural exchange. Markuss’ journey serves as an inspiration for others to partake in this program and gain valuable experiences for their personal and professional development.
We wish Markuss all the best for his future endeavors and are confident that he will continue to carry the learnings and memories from his ErasmusPlus experience with him. Cheers to the power of cross-cultural exchange, may it continue to bridge the gaps between nations and individuals!