Andris and Līga, two students with special needs, recently took part in an unforgettable trip. They are participants in the ErasmusPlus program, which offered them the opportunity to complete an internship in Schwerin, Germany. Both are studying at the vocational school in Cīrava, Latvia, where they are learning for their dream job as cooking assistants.
During their internship, which took place in the “Augustenstift” retirement home run by the “Network for People”, Andris and Līga experienced 16 days full of adventures and new experiences. The two were lovingly welcomed and integrated by the team at the retirement home. The warm atmosphere and the helpfulness of the team made settling in much easier for the two of them. They were involved in many tasks and were able to gain valuable experience. Their warm farewell after their time in Schwerin was marked by tears and an emotional farewell, because they created many beautiful memories together in a short time.
Andris and Līga were overwhelmed by their team’s loving farewell and are grateful for the wonderful time they were able to spend in Schwerin. They would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and wish the “Augustenstift” and the “Network for People” all the best for the future.
In addition to working in the kitchen of the retirement home, Andris and Līga were also able to get to know the German culture and way of life. They visited local attractions, tried typical German dishes and immersed themselves in Schwerin’s lively atmosphere. The ErasmusPlus program offered them the opportunity not only to acquire professional skills, but also to grow personally and develop internationally.
Although the two Latvians are now back in their homeland, the trip to Schwerin remains unforgettable for them. They not only improved their practical skills, but also expanded their language skills and gained valuable intercultural experiences. Their internship was an important step for their professional future and showed them that they can also be successful outside of their home country.
Their four colleagues Rūta, Sabine, Markuss and Maris, who also come from the vocational school in Cīrava and are now spending two more weeks in Schwerin, will also benefit from this valuable experience. The ErasmusPlus program offers young people like Andris and Līga the opportunity to think outside the box, discover new horizons and acquire valuable skills for their professional future.
We wish Andris and Līga all the best for their future and thank the ErasmusPlus program for the valuable opportunity it has offered them. Her story shows us how important international exchange programs are and how they can sustainably enrich the lives of young people. May your adventure in Schwerin be just the beginning of an exciting and successful journey.