The ErasmusPlus initiative is a program launched by the European Union Through the ErasmusPlus program, students and graduates can be supported and given opportunities to gain new experiences and contacts useful for their professional advancement and personal development could be. ErasmusPlus is a program of the European Union that supports people from different European countries to get to know other cultures and ways of working and to develop personally and professionally. There are various projects to choose from, such as scholarships or internships, and thus offer a wide variety of opportunities.
Kintija from Kuldīga in Latvia has fulfilled her dream of an experience abroad. As part of an ErasmusPlus project, she successfully completed an internship in Germany. Kintija had recently successfully completed her degree as a furniture designer at the vocational school in Kuldīga and decided to do an internship in a carpentry workshop in Schwerin.
During her stay in Germany, Kintija not only learned a lot about dealing with the labor market in this country, but also made valuable friends and made new contacts.
The ErasmusPlus program is a great program that offers many young people and adults the eye-opening opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and gives them the opportunity to push their own limits. We congratulate Kintija on her internship and wish her all the best for her professional future.