Megija from Kuldīga, Latvia, gifted herself with an internship as part of an ErasmusPlus mobility project in Germany. After successfully completing her training as a furniture designer at the vocational school in Kuldīga, Latvia, Megija wanted to learn more about the German job market and other cultural differences. She decided to do an internship in the carpentry workshop in Schwerin.
Megija has gained valuable experience and made new friends. On the one hand, she learned how a German-style craft business works, and on the other hand, she gained a lot of insight into how people live in another culture. In addition, her professional network has greatly expanded.
ErasmusPlus enables students to immerse themselves in the everyday working life of a foreign culture more fully than ever before and to learn from it. Megija is another example of how to get benefits and opportunities from ErasmusPlus. We congratulate Megija and wish her every success and best wishes for her professional and private future.