ErasmusPlus is a well-known and popular European Union program to promote education, youth and sport. It offers young people the opportunity to spend time abroad and gain new experiences and develop personally and professionally. Raivo from Kuldīga, Latvia also benefited from this program and completed an internship in Germany.
Raivo is training as a furniture maker at the vocational school in Kuldīga, Latvia and took the opportunity to do an internship with master carpenter André Brun in Sukow near Schwerin as part of an ErasmusPlus mobility program. Not only was he able to deepen his skills and knowledge in his professional field, but he also learned a lot about German working life.
In addition to the professional aspects, Raivo also had the opportunity to make new friends and get to know German culture. Through intercultural exchange, he was able to broaden his horizons and gain valuable experience that will also accompany him in his private and professional future.
We at Erasmus Partner are proud to be part of the ErasmusPlus program and to offer young people like Raivo the opportunity to improve their skills and gain new insights into other countries and cultures. We wish Raivo all the best for his future and are sure that he will benefit from his internship in Germany.
The ErasmusPlus program is a great opportunity to operate internationally and develop personally. Companies can also benefit from this by offering internships, thereby supporting young talent and at the same time networking with other European companies.
We at Erasmus Partner see the importance of ErasmusPlus and will continue to open our doors to trainees from all over the world in the future. Because cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and culture are invaluable for a better future and a united Europe.
Finally, we would like to thank Raivo again for his commitment and participation in ErasmusPlus. We are convinced that he will carry this experience with him for the rest of his life and wish him all the best on his future journey. May he continue to improve his skills and achieve his dreams.