Krists from Kuldīga, Latvia, is currently experiencing an exciting and unique experience as part of an ErasmusPlus mobility project. As part of his training as a furniture carpenter at the vocational school in Kuldīga, he was given the opportunity to complete an internship with master carpenter André Brun in Sukow near Schwerin, Germany. This opportunity will not only help him improve his professional skills but also gain a lot of personal and cultural experiences.
As part of the ErasmusPlus program, Krists will live and work in Germany for a certain period of time. During this time he has the chance to get to know German working life first hand. He will work with different materials and techniques that may be different than what he learned in his homeland. This will help him expand and develop his skills as a furniture carpenter.
In addition, Krists will get to know a completely new environment and make new friends. During his stay he will certainly meet many interesting people and be able to exchange ideas with them. With joint projects and discussions, he will also improve his foreign language skills and strengthen his intercultural skills.
Such an international experience will also give Krists the opportunity to experience Germany and its culture first hand. He will have the opportunity to get acquainted with new traditions, customs and ways of life. This will certainly broaden his understanding of other cultures and promote his personal development.
The ErasmusPlus program not only promotes professional development, but also the personal development of the participants. By participating in this mobility project, Krists will experience many challenges and experiences that will help him grow and reach new horizons.
We wish Krists all the best for his time in Germany and for his future, both professionally and personally. We are sure that he will carry this experience with him throughout his life and benefit from it. ErasmusPlus enables young people like Krists to discover new opportunities and experiences that help them achieve their dreams and grow. We are proud to be part of such an inspiring and vibrant community that helps enrich the lives of young people.