Digitalization and globalization have made our world smaller and smaller. It is now easier than ever to establish contacts and business relationships across national borders. As a result, the popular exchange program ErasmusPlus has become increasingly important.
An example of this is Rodrigo from Smiltene, Latvia, who is completing an internship in Germany as part of an ErasmusPlus mobility project. After graduating from the vocational school in Smiltene in the field of road construction, he had the opportunity to work for civil engineering and landscaping engineer Thomas Dziubiel in Lübsdorf near Schwerin.
The experiences Rodrigo gained during his internship in Germany are priceless. He not only acquired professional skills and improved his German skills, but also gained cultural and personal experiences. During his stay he got to know the working methods in Germany and compared them with those in Latvia. He not only learned new techniques and methods, but also learned to appreciate the efficiency and punctuality of the German work culture.
Immersing himself in the German language and living in another culture have also broadened Rodrigo’s horizons. He made new friends and was able to strengthen his intercultural skills. These experiences will definitely be an advantage for him in his future career.
ErasmusPlus is a European Union program that, since its founding in 1987, has offered over 9 million people the opportunity to study, work or do an internship in another European country. By promoting mobility and exchanging knowledge and experiences, ErasmusPlus helps young people develop personally and professionally.
The program not only offers students the opportunity to gain experience abroad, but also trainees and professionals. This allows them to expand their skills and improve their chances on the international job market. Companies also benefit from ErasmusPlus because they can attract highly motivated and interculturally competent employees and thus strengthen their competitiveness.
A success story like Rodrigo’s shows that ErasmusPlus is not only an enrichment for the individual, but also for society as a whole. Through intercultural exchange and promoting tolerance and understanding, the program contributes to overcoming borders and creating a united Europe.
We wish Rodrigo all the best for his private and professional future and are proud to be part of his success story. We hope that he will carry his experiences and memories from Germany with him throughout his life.