The ErasmusPlus program offers young people from all over Europe the opportunity to gain valuable international experience and further personal development. One of these lucky participants is Kristiāns from Smiltene, Latvia, who completed an internship in Germany as part of the program.
Kristiāns completed his training as a construction technician for hydromeloration at the vocational school in Smiltene and wanted to deepen his knowledge and skills in a real work environment. He was lucky enough to be able to do his internship with civil engineering and landscaping engineer Thomas Dziubiel in Lübsdorf near Schwerin.
For Kristiāns, this was a unique opportunity to not only gain professional skills, but also to get to know the German work culture and way of life. He was enthusiastic about modern working methods and technologies in Germany and was able to learn a lot from his German colleagues.
But Kristiāns was not only able to grow professionally, his ErasmusPlus adventure also helped him personally. Through intercultural exchange he has expanded his understanding of other cultures and perspectives. He made new friends and made many unforgettable memories.
Kristiāns is incredibly grateful for the experience he was able to have thanks to ErasmusPlus and is optimistic about the future. His internship not only helped him to deepen his specialist knowledge, but also to strengthen his personality and improve his intercultural skills.
We all need to realize that programs like ErasmusPlus are a valuable investment in the future of young people. They make it possible to promote intercultural understanding and tolerance and thus contribute to a more peaceful and open society.
We wish Kristiāns all the best for his private and professional future and are sure that he will carry the experiences he gained during his internship with him throughout his life. We encourage all young people to apply for an ErasmusPlus program and take the chance to expand their world.