The ErasmusPlus initiative is a program created by the European Union to support young people through exchange and mobility experiences in the different member states. It offers young people the opportunity to experience an exchange of knowledge and experience with other countries and thus strengthen their European tools.
The internship in Germany that Mārcis from Kuldīga, Latvia, did as part of the ErasmusPlus program was a great success. He completed his internship in the kitchen of Restaurant Lukas in Schwerin’s old town. During his internship, he was able to gain various insights into the working methods of German gastronomy. Mārcis got to know the different organisational, technical and culinary skills that are needed in Germany.
Mārcis’ experiences within the ErasmusPlus program have offered him unique experiences and boosted his professional future. His internship gave him the opportunity to get to know the professional world in another country and to understand his workload better. We wish him all the best and hope that he will carry this experience with him and pass it on for a long time to come.