The Erasmus+ process offers young people from Aizkraukle, Latvia the opportunity to do an internship in Schwerin, Germany. Over a period of 3 weeks, four trainees in the areas of automotive mechatronics learned new skills and techniques, as well as daily challenges. The experience was very educational and Niks, Ritvars, Vadims and Artūrs made huge progress.
It was really inspiring to see how committed young people are to furthering their education in the field. They worked hard to absorb everything they could learn and apply it to their daily lives. The opportunity to do such an internship is a unique and very educational experience for each participant and can never be replaced.
All in all, it was a wonderful and instructive time for everyone involved. We would like to wish Niks, Ritvars, Vadims and Artūrs all the best for their further career and future in Aizkraukle. With the newly acquired skills and sense of life, they are well prepared for a successful start in their professional career.